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Local Broadcast and Cable

We believe in the idea of "local listening posts," which is why we staff 20 local offices. We know that buyers who live in and near the markets they buy have more intimate knowledge of market idiosyncrasies, media preferences, and stronger media relationships.

Our buyers monitor market-level conditions, including political and competitive pressures, and how they are affecting station inventory. We have a significant competitive advantage in this area, since our buyers are placing both general and direct response media activity, so our clearance factors serve as an "early warning system" if/when availabilities start tightening.

What Sets Us Apart? Our current group of skilled broadcast negotiators average more than 15-years of media experience, and are supported by young, innovative media buyers and assistants. There are no juniors learning our business on your business. Our negotiators are practiced in proactive implementation. They do not believe in the "buy it, book it, bill it" mentality. Instead, they understand the importance of ongoing stewardship of buys. Most importantly, they have a passion for the business.

We believe that by aggregating our clients' buying power in the market, we are able to secure the most desired programming, negotiate the best rates, secure the best promotions, and deliver the maximum added value and bonus weight in each market. Most of our clients see a 10-20% lift in their media value due to our added value prowess.

At USIM, we employ Tough Check™, our proprietary back-office analysis process. Tough Check™ entails a manual review of every media invoice to ensure that all negotiated aspects of ordered schedules are fulfilled and delivered in full, 100% as ordered. It verifies that our clients' advertisements received fair and equitable rotations by day and time, both vertically and horizontally, for their spots.

We post analyze every television buy we make. This is not only our accountability to our clients, but also a crosscheck on our buyers’ performance.

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