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Ideal Clients

They are phenomenally engaged in their business. Of course, they live and breathe the advertising and marketing plans, but they also know about public relations, operations, fiscal issues, competition, and opportunities. The result is that we, collectively, are better prepared to generate ideas, tweak strategies or tactics that benefit the team as a whole.

They share information on sales, image and awareness, tracking results, operational challenges, public relations initiatives, etc. We feel as much commitment to fulfilling our clients’ objectives as we do ensuring maximum impact in our planning and buying responsibilities.

They are responsive and direct. They tell us upfront if there are personal, inherent biases or opinions.

They love too many ideas. Clearly, not every idea can be developed and implemented, but our dream is that the worst feedback we get from clients is that we've presented them with too many ideas.

They say… thank you.

We're human... and just hearing the words "thank you" when we've gotten on-air with no notice during the political spending protection period, when we've negotiated a great sponsorship or promotion at no cost, or when we've lined up endorsement radio deals with the lead DJ in a market, well… it's a great day.

The best relationships are built on trust. Trust builds friendships, and you always work harder for people you like.

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